Wie geht’s, wie steht’s
A Happyning in 3 Parts
Andreas Eduardo Frank / Patrick Frank
Composition: Andreas Eduardo FrankPatrick Frank

Direction: Georg Schütky
Musical Direction: Daniel Moreira
Stage Design: Camille Daur
Costumes: Wieland Lemke
Dramaturgy: Meret KündigRoman Reeger
Production Management: Anna Crespo Palomar
Production Management Münchener Biennale: Katharina Böhler
Assistent Director: Lena Elsa Chalupka
Costume Design Assistent: Yumi Ferretti
Acting coach: Gregor Schleuning*

Composers Andreas Eduardo Frank and Patrick Frank go hunting for happiness in the economic metropoles of Munich and Basel. What is the relationship between collective happiness and the unhappiness of individuals? Is it possible to share the path to happiness with others? The two Franks invite audiences to the foyer Philharmonie of the Fat Cat for a Musical Happiness forum. The three-part performance interrogates different ideas of happiness whilst journeying through the body centers of the heart, brains and intestines. Audience and performers encounter each other in a kaleidoscope of mini-concerts, music-theatrical actions, intimate discussion circles and culinary art breaks. Socio-philosophical theories meet intimate stories and deeply personal definitions of happiness. Happiness researchers and extreme athletes have their say, as do worms, Nietzsche, Gandhi, you and me.
In Georg Schütky‘s production, the differing styles of the two composers form the basis of a polyphonic and collaborative work of art: participants include the Ensemble Lemniscate, opera
singers, professional and non-professional performers, and the via-nova choir. The upshot is a place to linger, enjoy, and ponder the question of all questions: what is it, this so-called happiness?


Three parts of 80 minutes each.

Wie geht’s, wie steht’s-PASS
The “Glückspass” allows flexible and unrestricted admission to all performances of ‘Wie geht’s, wie steht’s – Ein Happyning in 3 Teilen” (within the admission times). The three parts of the production can also be attended individually and/or on different days.

Premiere in Basel: 04.11.24
Further performances in Basel: 06.11.2024 and 07.11.2024

Performer: Malte Scholz
Performer / Voice: Angela Braun
Performer / Voice: Emily Dilewski
Performer / Voice: Kyu Choi
Performer: Lukas Tauber*
Performer: Manfred Wildgruber*

Ensemble Lemniscate
Flute: Tatiana Timonina
Clarinet: Adam Starkie
Percussion: Miguel Ángel Garcia Martin
Piano / Keys: Felix Nagl
Violin: Maria Muñoz Lopez
Violoncello: Moritz Müllenbach
Lute: Ailen Monti
via-nova-chor München: Choir direction: Kerstin Behnke
*Freie Bühne München
Kompositions- und Librettoaufträge der Landeshauptstadt München zur Münchener Biennale. Eine Produktion der Münchener Biennale und des Theater Basel.
Kompositions- und Librettoauftrag der Landeshauptstadt München zur Münchener Biennale
Eine Produktion der Münchener Biennale und des Theater Basel
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