Last Night of the Campus
Campus 2024_On the way - Aufbrüche, Fahrpläne und Reisegruppen im neuen Musiktheater
Concept und Realization: Prof. Dr. David Roesner
Concept und Realization: Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel

“Last Night of the Campus” is an open format to be created as part of the Campus. Students who participate in the Campus are invited to react discursively and creatively to their impressions of the Biennale and to develop short contributions. These should respond to questions such as what ideas and expectations they already brought as “baggage” and what new images, sounds, words and insights they will take away with them. What tempos and rhythms determine their own mobility? Which paths do they want to pave and take?

The students will work in groups, mixed from different universities and disciplines. The presentation does not show a final result, but a work-in-progress; a departure, not an arrival.


Free entry and no registration required.

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, LMU München
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