New Lines #3 In Passage
Het Geluid & co-creators
Tamara Miller, Ted Hearne
Conzept & Stage Direction
Robotics design & Mechanical engineering
Software development
Sound software & development: 4DSound
“In Passage” is a music theatre project through which we explore our bonds with a technological and digital world, while still remaining analogue and physical humans. Through the interplay between a (especially developed) kinetic sound sculpture, a choir, an ensemble of musicians and new compositions, we find new connections between the virtual and the ‘real’ within our modern urban environment. “In Passage” is music theatre about new forms of collective work, as well as technical and social developmental processes to get societies of the future moving.
Two-part production. Duration: 1st part approx. 30 minutes, 2nd part approx. 40 minutes
Music Ensemble
Percussion (Ensemble Garage)
Trombone (Ensemble Garage)
Guitar (Ensemble Garage)
Klarinet, Bassklarinet (Ensemble Garage)
Musical direction Camerata Vocale Munich
A co-production of the Munich Biennale and Het Geluid, in collaboration with the Bartlett School of Architecture, London and the Stadtwerke München, among others.
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Funded by the Federal Government Comissioner for Culture an the Media
Funded by
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