New Lines #3 In Passage
Het Geluid & co-creators
Tamara Miller, Ted Hearne
Composition: Tamara MillerTed Hearne
Artistic co-creator: Rohan Chander
Conzept & Stage Direction: Romy RoelofsenGable Roelofsen
Kinetic Sound sculptures: Parker HeylMackenzie Van Dam
Software development: George Adamopoulus
Sound software & development: 4DSound: Salvador BreedPoul HollemanRoman Willems
Vocal Consultancy: KlangK / Kirsten Schötteldreier
Dramaturgy: Margriet Dijkema

Ted Hearne: Royal Wedding and Ballet (composition title)
Tamara Miller: In Passage (composition title)

“In Passage” is a music theatre project through which we explore our bonds with a technological and digital world, while still remaining analogue and physical humans. Through the interplay between an (especially developed) moving sound sculpture, a choir, an ensemble of musicians and new compositions, we find new connections between the virtual and the ‘real’, within our modern urban environment. How ‘human’ are we in a world that is less and less reliant on in-person contact with its new technological and digital modes of communication, work and life? How does the invisible intersection between being digitally and physically present become ‘tactile’ through means of music and sound? To create a mirror and internal feedback, two compositions were created for the kinetic loudspeaker instrument developed by artists and designers Parker Heyl, Mackenzie van Dam and Georgios Adamopoulos and the team at 4DSOUND: One by Ted Hearne, especially for the public space and one by Tamara Miller, for the interior space. In co-creating two different music pieces at two different sites, one an underground public space and the other a classic building of a former ‘Männergesangsverein’ (Scholastika), the movement through current day Munich is not only literal but creates a thematic echoing between these two ‘opposites’ as well.


The performance takes place in two parts at different locations, performance duration: approx. 120 min. Free entry.

The world premiere of “In Passage” has been postponed to 7 June 2024. The performance on 5 June has been cancelled.

Ensemble Garage
Percussion: Yuka Ohta
Trombone: Till Künkler
Guitar: Steffen Ahrens
Klarinet, Bassklarinet: Carlos Cordeiro
Camerata Vocale München
Musical direction Camerata Vocale Munich: Clayton Bowman
A co-production of the Munich Biennale and Het Geluid, in collaboration with the Bartlett School of Architecture, London and the Stadtwerke München, among others.
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Funded by the Federal Government Comissioner for Culture an the Media
Funded by
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