New Lines # 2 Turn Turtle Turn
Yiran Zhao
Composition: Yiran Zhao
Concept, Direction, Dramaturgy, Texts: Oblivia
Musical Direction: Armando Merino
Light & Stage Design: Meri Ekola
Costume Design: Tua Helve
Sound Direction: Zoro Babel

The question posed by Oblivia in this geological era of the Anthropocene and its man-made crises is: “How did it get to this point?” and is the starting point of their new piece for the 2024 Munich Biennale which will premiere in the municipal library in the HP8. In this work, the hit Finnish company of the new music theatre scene take another look at humanity’s great concerns and counter them in a delicately humorous manner using fragments of text, movement, and New Music. In “Turn Turtle Turn”, the five performers of Oblivia, working with three local singers and the twelve-member ensemble ö!, playfully and pointedly create a grandiose tableau: they meander between the age of dinosaurs and adventure stories, between the Ice Age and parallel worlds, between prehistoric geography and our hunt for fossil raw materials. Sometimes coming right up close, sometimes seeming to drift right away, “Turn Turtle Turn” flows in its search for traces of the status quo of humanity stuck between perpetual (self-) destruction and persistent hope.




Duration of performance: approx. 90 minutes
Free entry and no registration required.

Co-production Munich Biennale, Oblivia and Ensemble ö!, in co-operation with the Münchner Stadtbibliothek and other partners
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Funded by the Federal Government Comissioner for Culture and the Media
In Zusammenarbeit mit ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH, dem Residenzprogramm der Landeshauptstadt München
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Svenska kulturfonden
Helsinki City
Culture Moves Europe
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