Mithatcan Öcal
Libretto & video
Musical direction
Stage and costume design
Light design

Earth is lost. The time has come to make an about turn in the wasteland of a terrifyingly real future following the great catastrophe. Whoever has a spaceship can consider themselves lucky – but before Mike Tango, Sierra Sierra, Charlie Gold and Mandy Lemon can go on the run, the ship and onboard computer have to play along. And they prove to be extraordinarily wilful and lively…

This premiere of Defect was commissioned in cooperation with the State Theatre of Kassel. Istanbul composer Mithatcan Öcal is considered one of the greatest international talents of contemporary music. He exemplifies strong musical concepts along traditional lines and an intrinsic musical logic in a radical large format which is consciously anti-eclectic. Interdisciplinary artist cyclixe wrote the text of this space opera, she is also responsible for the production’s videos. Her works voyage through the graphic arts and widely differing media, along social and political fold lines, through human networks and realities, across continents – and for this work, through time and space.

Kompositions- und Librettoauftrag der Landeshauptstadt München zur Münchener Biennale
Kompositionsauftrag finanziert durch die EvS- Musikstiftung
Eine Koproduktion der Münchener Biennale und des Staatstheater Kassel
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