Coming soon: World premiere of “Subnormal Europe” on 14 June at 7 p.m. at the Media theatre ZKM Karlsruhe (with live stream)

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Coming soon: World premiere of “Subnormal Europe” on 14 June at 7 p.m. at the Media theatre ZKM Karlsruhe (with live stream)

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Coming soon: World premiere of “Subnormal Europe” on 14 June at 7 p.m. at the Media theatre ZKM Karlsruhe (with live stream)

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ACH! Almost a radio opera

A participative music theatre project by and with course participants of the Munich Volkshochschule
Videogruß - ACH! Fast eine Funkoper

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The music theater project “ACH! Almost a radio opera” is a sequel to the first participation project, “GAACH—more or less a folk opera,” which premiered in 2016 with over 280 Participants at the Munich Biennale in the foyer of the Gasteig Cultural Centre in cooperation with the Munich Volkshochschule. Whilst “GAACH” focussed on the history and residents of Munich’s Haidhausen district, this year’s production centres around the aspect of “locality”: the participants, invited to take part from all walks of life, examine locations and places, significant to them in the past, present, and future using new texts, compositions as well as classical means of radio play production. In cooperation with the Munich Volkshochschule the staged radio play evolved during various phases and workshops. Together with professional musicians and performers, the work investigates what happens when places only exist in our imagination as they never may again? How and where can one live or survive in the future? Is it possible through Art, to devise utopian, imaginary, mysterious places and identities that offer diverse visions and perspectives for the future?


Sunday, 24.05., 17:00 Uhr, Grußwort/Greeting

Language: German (with multilingual parts)
Duration: ca. 75 minutes

Production of the Munich Biennale and the Munich Volkshochschule
With the friendly support of the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung

Jessica Aszodi (soprano), Rike Huy (trumpet), Steffen Ahrens (e-guitar), Nikola Kerkez (accordion), Wolfram Winkel (percussions), Simon Brusis (actor) as well as: course participants of the Munich Volkshochschule
Partners and Sponsors

Some “NEW Return” results faster and more unexpected than expected. Due to the ubiquitous effects of the Corona Pandemic, the Munich Biennale 2020 will for the first time become a dynamic festival. Premieres that cannot be released in Munich in May 2020 due to the pandemic will be premiered elsewhere, or in Munich at a different time.

The Munich Biennale will not stream performance-replacement pieces. It will not go online as a whole. The Internet is used primarily to provide impulses for later, physically real performance situations. We assume that many of the productions planned for the 2020 Biennial will see the light of day over the next eighteen months. The theme and spirit are to take place in the “Salon of Wonder and Views” as a unifying element over a longer period of time in various locations in a pointed manner.

In all existential crises, the arts have been a (co)decisive moment of renewal, of rethinking, of reflection, of departure, of conversion, of NEW Return, for each individual as well as for the community. Thus the dynamic Munich Biennale 2020/2021 is, with its motto “Point of NEW Return”, a metaphor for the necessary flexible handling of our present and a model for mobility, topicality and relevance of the arts.